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“I have provided legal services to Marvie in her capacity as President of Lankota Group, Inc. and Lankota Group, Inc.’s affiliates since 2008. At the time I meet Marvie I was new in my legal career. She could have ignored my input, but she didn’t. Instead she gave me a chance. That chance helped build my confidence, which in turn made me a better attorney. Marvie made a name for herself and garnered respect in the agricultural business. In an industry dominated by men, Marvie is not afraid to take the lead and get things done. Marvie grew a business from a small shop on the farm to a large manufacturing plant that sells its products nationally and internationally. She has the strength, intelligence, and perseverance to continue to move forward, expand, and diversify in an industry that is always changing and never stable. Marvie knows how to build a team, instead of individual employees. She knows how to put people in positions that highlight their strengths but also transform their weaknesses into successes. I respect Marvie as a savvy businessperson, appreciate her for her wisdom, and admire her for her tenacity.”

Kristi M. Laber

Cadwell Sanford Deibert & Garry LLP

“My sessions with Marvie were my first introduction to John Maxwell and his philosophies on Personal Growth & Leadership. The ideas offered in Mr. Maxwell’s material, coupled with Ms. Tschetter’s real-life experience in building successful teams & organisations has vastly changed my approach in my personal & professional life. I know now that I waited far too long to start my personal growth journey. I highly recommend Marvie to anyone looking find a launching pad to personal & professional growth; to get back on track to pursuing their dreams.”

Jason Appel

Branch Manager - Plains Commerce Bank

“I have been Marvie Tschetter’s and Lankota Group companies’ banker since 2008. I first met Marvie when she was looking to expand a branch of their business to the Sioux Falls market. It didn’t take me long to discover that she was a take-charge/get-it-done woman and in my 8 years of doing business with her and her companies, it only reaffirmed my first impression. I know that Marvie had a business consulting background but she also has had the ‘real life’ experience of starting their business in a shop on their farm and then expanding it to a ‘State of the Art’ manufacturing plant that markets its products to a network of several hundred dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Has it been totally smooth, of course not, it never is, but Marvie’s leadership and tenacity prevailed and she now has a business in place that will sustain her and her family for generations to come. Marvie is calculating and decisive but by following her instincts and staying on course, success has followed her. She knows how important it is to build the right team within the workplace but she also knows that you need to surround yourself with a professional team as well that includes CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, etc.”

Steve Christianson

Executive Vice President - Plains Commerce Bank

“If you are looking to find peace, joy, love of life and a renewed spiritual relationship with the Divine; this is the woman to share your time with! There are no words to describe how amazing your time with Marvie will be. My dreams are coming true through an amazing sense of direction and peacefulness. It lifts my spirits each and every time we meet!!”

Laura Cross

Universal Banking Officer

“Marvie’s process works through your core. The core of your heart, the core of your mind, and the core of your spiritual thought process. It’s a transformation I didn’t know I needed. Now I crave more.”

A Client

No one can argue with a testimony, it is not a debatable issue. It is there to be accepted or rejected.
Bruce R. McConkie
"Great Advice. Learning to recognize certain situations and then evaluating them before a reaction occurs."

"Thank you for always having a good read in the morning!"

"I really appreciated hearing this today. I don't think I can hear it enough."

"Thank you so much for inviting me to this group and I am benefiting already!"

"As always, MUCH appreciated, Marvie!"

"This is really good stuff."

"The more I do this, the more free time it offers my body and mind. It's crazy how often we consume ourselves with the thoughts of others."
- Comments from others during events