About Me

About Me

I was unaware, until just a few years ago, how my life had become what it was meant to be. My journey from a teenager to now, has been a series of events that has brought me here today to serve my highest purpose – to serve you.

From a young, impressionable teenager, I was faced with the fact that I was considered “an unwanted accident”. My response was to prove I was worthy by excelling at everything I did.

In choosing a Major in undergrad, I choose a career path that would suit that of married woman whose focus was on her husband and family. Realizing that was not enough of a challenge, I pursued a Master’s in Family Therapy and faced the shadows buried in the closet.

With a Master’s degree in hand, I floated from job to job uncertain of where I really fit in this world. I even worked as a Lawn Care Professional for a season, just to pay the bills.

Even more determined to prove myself worthy, I searched for a job more fitting to my credentials. With Divine intervention, I landed a job as a Business Consultant who would train Managers how to improve their communication skills.

As life would have it, although I was expecting to do management training on my first consulting project, it was not even close. My assignment was to develop a Preventative Maintenance System for a food processing factory. Without any experience in this area, I relied on my skills of Family Therapy to work with, at first unwilling, individuals within the company that knew more than I could ever learn. Nine months later, a successful Preventative Maintenance System was rolled out.

One success led to another in the consulting world, for which I am eternally grateful. These opportunities allowed me to frequent Board Rooms of high-powered CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, to work with National Sales Engineers, to be on the cutting edge of technology with Just-In-Time inventory control systems, to Redesign Manufacturing Facilities, and much more.

In all of this, I recognized what I didn’t know, found individuals who did know, and facilitated the end result. Through this process, I worked with CEO’s and others in all levels of management to help them grow as leaders. The word “Coaching” was not even in the vocabulary at that time. But that is what I was doing, on a regular basis.

With the broad range of experience under my belt, I became an entrepreneur. I started businesses that ranged from Clothing Consignment, to Pizza Delivery Service, to the Internet. Not all these endeavors were financially successful, yet extremely powerful in learning the in’s and out’s of business, especially finance and marketing.

Recently, I stepped down from the CEO position of the manufacturing and distribution company I own with my sons. The time had come for a graceful exit, to get out of the way of the team, with my sons at the helm.

Yet, with all my experience, both good and challenging, I know I have something to offer. I know I can still add value to this place of humanness. And the way to do that is “Coaching”. This is where my journey has led me. To be available to guide others to live their most authentic self, to help others impact the world by becoming people of influence.

I’ve been there and done that sums it all up. I speak from experience and can tell you certainty that you can push beyond your fear towards love.

My manner and presence inspire individuals to experience the liberation and bliss in surrender (something a woman in control isn’t used to). I am a free spirit but grounded in the here and now.

I don’t consider these my sunset years, I’m just beginning.

Faith is a willingness to take the next step, to see the unknown as an adventure, to launch a journey.
Sharon Salzberg
world-renowned teacher and NY Times bestselling author