Kick Ass Strong

I can’t tell you exactly when I knew that I was on a life long journey of becoming. Maybe I became aware of the possibility a few years ago when I started participating in programs like the “Year of Miracles” and hiring a Personal Life Coach. Maybe it was the first time I had a session with a Spiritual Guide. Maybe it was when I began to journal from a point of being totally honest with myself. Maybe it was when I began to Meditate and clarity was achieved. It doesn’t really matter when, except I wish I would have realized it sooner. Maybe then I would have made different choices, maybe then I would have been more intentional.

Yet, our lives cannot be lived with maybe’s. Our lives cannot be lived with regret for the maybe’s of the past. Today, I am in the last chapter of my life and I am grateful that I realize that my life has been and still is a journey. The what if’s and the maybe’s of the past have groomed me for today.

I smile when I listen to young women half my age or even younger giving advice based upon their experiences, some of which have been very tragic. Don’t get me wrong, wisdom can come to one of any age, regardless of circumstances. Yet if they only knew the journey that lie ahead and the lessons life has yet teach.

Two years ago, I had the privilege of crossing paths of a woman in her late 70’s. She and I were both exploring “Miracles” through a small group. Although she lived half way across the country from me, when we talked, I felt like we had known each other forever. She was such an inspiration. In her late 70’s, she was still teaching Yoga 3 to 4 days a week. Her heart and soul were open to receive whatever the Universe had in mind for her, which she knew was for the greatest good. Her story was amazing. Her spirit was beautiful. Each week, I looked forward to our visits. Then one day, she shared she would not be with us much longer. Her journey would soon be over. She had cancer. What she nor I knew, at that time, is the impact she had made on my life.

In the weeks and months that followed the last conversation with my dear friend, I thought about how she had lived life so fully and with so much trust. As I did so, I began to reflect on my life. Yes, the regrets and the what if’s and the maybe’s loomed their ugly heads, but this time, I saw them as simply pieces of a puzzle called life. Each piece, each decision, each challenge, each experience had several sides. Yet, each fit perfectly into the puzzle. At different stages of the puzzle, the picture would change from sometimes cloudy, to chaotic, to colorful, to almost a frenzy, to fearful. And then, there was that perfect storm. The storm that took the wind out of my sails at a time of my life when I should have been sailing into the crystal clear waters of some treasured island.

At that moment, it was with absolute clarity that I realized that this life is a journey. Everything I had experienced, good and bad, had prepared me for today. And so it is with each day. The people I have met, the tools I have been given, these have all prepared me for today, for this journey.

For what journey, you ask? A journey of becoming more of whom I am meant to be, a joyful, loving human. That’s it. It’s that simple. The journey is not finished, I am far from complete. Yet, I am at a place of peace, of fullness, of trust, of surrender. I am present.

That is what I wish for you, regardless of your age, regardless of your humanness. I understand you may be afraid to consider this; that it might be easier to just do life. Yet, I encourage you, I ask you, to at least consider the blessing of being you and being present.

If I can help you with this journey, know that I am here for you, to encourage you, to lift you up, to pray with you. You are worth it! You are Kick Ass Strong!