Kick Ass Strong

The Purposeful, Passionate, Powerful Woman

A 5-Day Challenge

Course Description

If you’re taking action , but nothing is happening, or you are feeling stuck and are not quite sure why that is, we can change that.
There is only one difference between someone who never follows through on their intentions and someone who wakes up with energy, excited to meet the day, experiencing joy, freedom, and abundance.
What’s that difference?
The person who experiences joy, freedom, and abundance knows their life’s Purpose is living it!
While we take this journey, we will discover those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and limit your passion. We will talk about why your Purpose has evaded you and help you find the Courage to find it. We will get out of your head and into your Soul, where the real Power lies. And we will find the Missing Link to Achieving Your Goals with a Purpose, with a Passion, and with Power.
It’s Time to Be You and all that You are Destined to be. It’s time to Get Out of your way and just do it!
You will receive a Work Sheet for each class, plus a daily meditation to encourage and support your journey.

Day 1

Why Am I Afraid to Find My Purpose?

Day 2

Who Am I and Who Am I Meant to Be

Day 3

Powerful Questions for Finding Your Purpose

Day 4

What is Passion?  Is this different than Purpose?

Day 5

The Power of Purpose and Passion

“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Max DePree