As I reflect on this past year, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude.  The past three years have been such a incredible journey for me personally.  What I have learned about myself, about tools that have helped me get to where I am today.

Although I could, and probably should, write a book about this journey, I will share a brief overview.  Four years ago, I went through a “grey divorce,”  a story of it’s own.  The outcome of that story was a woman that lacked self-confidence, was far from happy, did not love herself and poured all of her energy into work to find some sort of self-worth.  I could not look myself in the mirror and appreciate the woman that God had intentionally created for a very specific purpose because, honestly, I was just existing, not living.  No one knew, including me, how I was wasting precious time each and every day by attempting to do what everyone else thought I should be doing, attempting to do anything to receive even a slight indication that I was appreciated and loved.

It was not until I was introduced to a program, The Year of Miracles, that I began to understand.  By listening to hours of speakers, reading book after book, traveling to seminars, and most importantly, hiring a personal life coach, did I begin to expand my awareness of who I am.  We cannot change our past, we cannot start over, but we can create a new beginning.  And I did.  I began.

I learned an entirely new vocabulary, alignment, grounded, gratitude, manifestation, being present, purpose, energy, vibration, meditation.  My relationship with God got real.  The first year was a struggle, no lie.  I faced some hard truths.  The second year, the tools became easier to use, the concepts easier to understand and integrate into what was happening in my life.  By the end of the second year, I was seeing real progress.

Today, I am at peace.  My mantra is “Surrender, Trust, & Release.”  I can do that, which if you would have known me three years ago, you would have not have believed it possible.   I know when to let go of things that are not consistent with who I am, my highest purpose, and the greater good.   For those that meditate, there is a place that is refereed to as “The Gap.”  It’s that space between your breaths.  When you can find that space, and be that present, you connect.  You connect with God and who He intended you to be.

My story has many chapters, as does yours.  I can’t rewrite any of them, but I can be intentional about the chapter I am writing today.  And so, grateful for where I am today, I ponder what to put out there for this coming year in terms of Intentions.  It is not something I will do lightly and without much thought, but with much discernment as to what is my purpose here in this world, how can I best serve others, and what will make life just really Kick Ass good.

When we are children, we are encouraged to Dream.  And Dream, we do.  We dream of being astronauts, princesses, professional hockey players, movie stars, maybe a fireman.  But somehow, that all changes as we near adulthood, possibly even before we enter high school.  We are thrown into the “reality” of bills, debts, student loans, credit card debit, mortgages, and kids.  Dreams evaporate like the fog when the sun peeks through the clouds.

Recently, I asked a number of women, from a variety of backgrounds and different ages, what their dreams were.  Many were stumped.  Some shared dreams of spending time with grandchildren or retiring from a dreaded job.  Some dreamed of a happy, long lasting marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to judge anyone’s dream.  It is your dream.  Let me say it again, it is YOUR dream.  And YOUR Dream, when it materializes, will make YOU happy.

YOU are never too old to dream.  YOU are never too rich or too poor to dream.  YOU are never too anything to dream.  We all have dreams, if we allow ourselves to dream.  Again, IF WE ALLOW OURSELVES to Dream.

You see, many times, as women, we put our children, our significant other, even our job or career, ahead of our dreams.  Oh, but you say, I have a Dream Job!  Fantastic!  Then go for it!  See it!  Believe it!  Know it is coming your way!

You might be saying, I have dreams, but they are just aren’t coming true.  Been there!  And I can assure you, they will.  But first, you have some work to do.

In order for dreams to come true, first of all,  this is all in Divine Timing.  You may not be ready.  Maybe you have some unfinished business you need to take care of.  Maybe you need to get your house in order.  Maybe your dream is not in alignment with God’s purpose.

Focus on why you want this dream.  Be deliberate about focusing your intentions and desires and aligning your dream with God.

Once you have taken the necessary steps to make sure you are ready for this dream to come to fruition, take action.  Move closer to your dream.  Yes, you will need to learn new things, you will need to expand your horizons.  But that’s okay, right?  You really want this Dream.

In the past three years, I have gone from a place of not dreaming to becoming a Kick Ass Dream Manifester!  Do I always get what I want, no.  But I know why, the majority of the time, I still have some work to do.  But when I have my act together, look out world!  Do my dreams always show up exactly like I thought they would, no.  Every time, they show up better than I could have imagined.  That’s called God.

In order for a Dream to come true, it just needs a seed.  The seed is your thought, watered by your belief, nourished by the sunshine of your actions.  I have a Dream….  What is yours?


The Kick-Ass Woman is between 40 and 70. The Kick-Ass Woman is considered a successful professional, having achieved various career goals as well as being recognized by her community and peers as one who has it going on. She has a small close-knit group of girlfriends that she attempts to squeeze in time with, yet […]